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A Thing of Value

First off, I have news! I am now officially Rayshma’s permanent tag recipient. Yayy. It’s a two-way street, btw Raysh. Also, as a tribute to “our formal union in holy tag-imony”, I have taken up this tag.

To begin with, I honestly cannot think of an inanimate object that has been that of my attention so much that I value it beyond time. I learned not to attach myself to material things a very long time ago. However, there are definitely some things that have given me immense happiness and will always be a part of my life.

My very first phone. The cute and durable Nokia 3310. the stress tests that I put it through would put the IPhone people to shame. Yeah, you’re right, I did put it into the toilet as well. It stuck by me for a whole 3 years in college and has seen more than it’s share of late night phone calls, SMSes, missed calls, etc. etc. I miss it so.

My current best friend, my car, my beautiful Chrysler Sebring. She’s my confidante, my soulmate. I simply cannot imagine life without her. She’s sleek, sexy, powerful. She’s everything I had ever wanted in a car and more. I love you babe. BFF.

My Bose in-ear earphones. And my Bvlgari sunglasses. Both, because they were a gift from a very very special friend. And both, I would never have had the heart to buy for myself because they’re so expensive. And they’re both everything I have left of our turbulent and amazing friendship.

This one green studded earring that was also a gift. However, 2 days after I got the earrings, I lost one of them and I was simply devastated. I still have the other one for keepsakes, but I sorely miss the lost one.

A silver rattle that I’ve had ever since I was a baby. This is something my grandma gave my Mom and it has been with us for over 24 years now. Every time I go back home, I make it a point to dig it out and take a look at it.

For now, these are all I can think of. I’m not going to tag anyone but everyone is welcome to take it up.


Comments on: "A Thing of Value" (2)

  1. hail the Lady of Lorien! the one who’s learned at such a young age to remain unattached! hoarders like me ought to learn a lesson or more from thee..!

    umm… quick question… how did u get the phone out of d toilet?! :-/

  2. Galadriel said:

    Heh… You still saw how long this list was right?
    Ummm.. will email you about the toilet bit!

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