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Moments of Doubt

The darkness settles down all around. Outside is a haze of cars and buses flying by. The phone rings, but you are certain that if you answer it you will burst out crying. A dozen IMs waiting, you cease to bother. Almost as if life doesn’t make a difference to you. You look at the clock. Almost 5.15. Does time really matter? When everything you’ve worked for in the last 2 years is nothing but a colossal waste of it? You question your own credibility. Your confidence lies shattered to smithereens in some desolate corner of your mind. All you need now is closure. Deliverance.


Comments on: "Moments of Doubt" (7)

  1. You are not doing a PhD or post doctoral research are you?

  2. nothing’s a waste of time, sweetheart!
    and don’t worry… life has a way of sorting itself out. there will be closure.

  3. Nothing is ever wasted, and you’re always better off than you were 2 years ago.
    Unless you’re an addict of some sort. Then you’re fucked.

  4. Plain homesick; or something else entirely?
    Cheer up babes, tomorrow is another day.

  5. Galadriel said:

    @Morpheus:Not a PhD but I’m in grad school certainly.. And this is about my Masters thesis!
    @rayshma:thanks babe..you’re a star!
    @SEV:I certainly hope so!
    @alice:Reference above.. Thanks a lot!

  6. i’m glad u didn’t say rockstar; coz that conjures up images of a misplaced bipasha basu in HDKG singing “i’m a rockstar” at her own engagement… hehehe! šŸ˜€

  7. Advice you may not want to hear: If things aren’t working out, just get out with an M.Eng. Don’t quit without trying, of course, but don’t screw your happiness and your health because of it.

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