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P? or Q?

I looked. And I looked again. I tried to rub my eyes. I still couldn’t make out what I was supposed to be reading. Think, I admonished to myself. You’ve done this before. Yesterday, in fact. I peered again. Ms. Andrew was waiting. I could feel her anger mounting. But then I could also hear a solitary sparrow chirping outside. How I wanted to peek outside, just to see where it was! Shaking myself from the momentary reverie, I attempted yet again, to decipher what the hell it was that the stupid poem was saying.

Sometimes though, I feel like English should be the other way round. Life would be so much simpler then. Why can’t ‘b’ be ‘d’ ? Or the “squiggly” in ‘s’ be pointed the other way? Aargh! No time to dwell, I had more pressing issues at hand. Ms. Andrew’s face came looming back to reality and I tried once again. Nope, no success. And then, the all too familiar yell, “Out of the class, and don’t come back unless I permit you!”, with the faces of Arif, Ravi, Sushant and Omar leering at me showed up. Oh well. Another period missed.

*Italicized passage inspired from this. Must watch. For everyone.


Comments on: "P? or Q?" (4)

  1. Has the movie opened yet? Movies and stories with children always captivate me; they have so many layers, don’t they? Layers which each of us can vaguely identify with ourselves…

  2. oh i really wanna see this one!
    soon. happy holidays! 🙂

  3. Whoa!! I see Big-time changes.
    I like the theme….

    Merry xmas!

  4. @Rahul: Yeah, and the movie emphasizes that each child is special, no matter what his/her abilities or inabilities are. It’s beautiful.
    @rayshma: You should! Happy holidays. 🙂
    @alice: Nice to see you back!

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