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The Prize..

The Mourning

The Mourning

.. is it really worth it? John Moore won the Pulitzer Prize for this. Personally, I vehemently oppose capturing someone’s grief on film.


Comments on: "The Prize.." (5)

  1. I guess you are missing the point…its not the greif thats the focus here…its the sheer scale of it all…

  2. @Ashish: I disagree. No matter what the scale is, would she want to be pictured like that in her misery?

  3. if this is a real life scenario pic, then i don’t like it. if it’s a model posing… then, well, it’s just another day @ work…

  4. Well…if you look at it and think that it is she who is being pictured then I understand with your reaction.

    But look at it and think about what the photographer is trying to convey. She is not the “subject”…She is in the pic to convey the human sentiment associated with this pic. Otherwise its just a graveyard.

  5. I agree with what you have to say here…

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