I have opinions. Like it or not.


Sometimes, you know in your head that the things you’re thinking are silly. And you know you’re being stupid by thinking them. Yet, you go on messing up your head because it’s the age-old “fight of the heart and the mind”.

And you need someone to slap you and tell you that you’re being incredibly stupid and you’d better stop acting like someone with an IQ of -2 for your own good. You need someone to say the very same things that your mind tells you, but you’re convinced only because it comes from someone other than you.

You need to be jolted into reality.


Comments on: "Reality" (4)

  1. What happened? I’ve faced that situation quite a few times actually, more often than not, I’m the person who jolts the person out of dreamland..

  2. Yea, I agree with you…
    I don’t like reality sometimes…

  3. will a virtual slap do?
    i do this kinda jostling into reality quite often… and have a set of close frenz who does it for me. quite often, again.
    it’s a basic. like black boots.

  4. @UberT:Thanks mate!
    @Pixie::) It’s not reality that I have a problem with, I just have problems coming to terms with my own silliness.
    @rayshma:Heh, thanks but no thanks.. I have enough people ready to give me real time slaps!

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