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Little Flakes of Heaven


There is something about snow that invokes the same feelings in everyone, irrespective of age, society, spatial co ordinates, anything. The feeling of hope, of happiness. The belief that there is still some chance that world can still be as pure and untarnished as when it is cloaked by the first snow. The sheer beauty of everything completely white, and becoming increasingly whiter as the day progresses, soothes the mind, calms the soul like little else can.

An intangible feeling of joy spreads through the mind, a return to the days of innocence. Adults and children alike, have quite a strange tendency to pick up the snow in their hands. Maybe just the sight of seeing something so unbelievably white, so clean, makes you want to touch it, to believe its existence. You are transported to a time where anything new and untouched had to be explored, toyed with, hurled at others with a similar curiosity to discover its abilities (specifically by stress testing it for durability); and you begin making snowballs and throwing them at prospective victims.

The snowball disintegrates as it makes contact with the (hopefully) intended surface and you’re left with an almost insane desire to watch it do that again. Once all your desires are satisfied (and you realize that you aren’t 9 anymore and that grad school comes with its share of pending lab work), you troop back inside and begin the unending process of getting rid of all the snow from your shoes and your jacket.


Comments on: "Little Flakes of Heaven" (9)

  1. me no like the chill accompanied by snow. can’t there be snow without it being chilly?
    umm… ok, i know d answer to that!

  2. i beg to differ… i dislike all snow and ice and frost (except that which accumulates in the freezer). 😦
    Let a few days go by with you cleaning your car each morning, and tell me if you still love snow. πŸ˜› And if you do, just come over here for a change.
    Sorry…. my cynicism is probably killing your joy.

  3. @Rayshma: Dude, you still live way down south!
    @Alice: I agree whole-heartedly. I guess I should have put a disclaimer up there. “This post reflects feelings about first snow only. Any other opinions to be formed purely at readers’ risk.” πŸ˜›

  4. I wonder if i will be this joyous the next winter…. everything gets jaded with time…. theres only one feeling that stays true all the time…. hunger… the craving/joy for something you like can be potent all your life… anyway thanks for the gracious stopover…:)..

  5. When you have snow days, thats when snow is the best.. But where I live, that happens rarely… Hence, on most occasions, snow is welcome because it is accompanied by a drop of temperature mostly but not because we like the snow itself…

  6. @Angelus: As I said, it’s always the first snow that evokes joy. There is always this one point in winter that brings about a great depression, a void, a questioning of all happenings. Wait for it! πŸ™‚ Hope to see you more here.
    @Born a Libran: Ah well… Summer is when we appreciate the seasons. πŸ™‚

  7. yeah… but V was considering shifting up into the snowy terrains… and it gives me the chills. i hope we manage to remain in d south!! i love d weather here!

  8. Loved your description of the snow and what it means for you…
    It’s kind of similar when the first rains of the Monsoon come – it washes away the dirt and when it stops raining, it leaves behind a sparkling new world!

  9. @rayshma: Good luck with that!
    @Pixie:Absolutely. I also love how the whole world seems almost two shades brighter green. And you can never get that with watering the plants, somehow, the rain seems to seduce them in a way us watering them never can! πŸ™‚

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