I have opinions. Like it or not.

Ever wonder…?

  • why people put up relationship statuses like ‘committed’ on orkut/facebook and then expect you not to ask about it?
  • why when you do ask about it they snub you off saying ‘that’s only for my friends to know’?
  • why being civil is misunderstood as prying?
  • why the one person you expect to get support from at times like this seems to think that the ‘snubber’ was right?
  • why that one person thinks you have no reason to feel bad about being snubbed/snapped at on a public forum when all you were trying to do was be nice?

People… Ggggggaaaaahhhhhh!!!!


Comments on: "Ever wonder…?" (9)

  1. Really? I mean, people do that? Wow..i so agree with you here…what’s the whole point of putting it on orkut ‘just for friends’? And then what does that make you if not a friend? ( i do hope you werent going around asking random people about their status 😛 )

  2. hehe.. i was gonna ask u what alice already did. hope u weren’t snooping on arbit people’s profiles asking them.. .eh? 😉 LOL!
    but seriously… with u on this one. completely! also, what’re u doing on some such individuals friends list?! prolly hasn’t occurred to him/her that it’s called a “friends list” for a purpose! 😛

  3. @Alice and Rayshma: Thanks for the sympathy guys… Are you listening, ‘one person’??

  4. Well, Intrusion of space is a hazily defined term anyway. But I see what you’re trying to point out, considering you asked me how come I was ‘no longer in a relationship’ on facebook, just a couple of days ago…

    Besides, from a girl’s POV, being committed really does not make a difference for weirdos trying to ask ‘for the frandsheep’, right?
    As commented before, if the status was only for friends, what are you doing on that person’s ‘friend’ list anyway?

  5. Yea, I echo what Alice and Raysh are saying on this one too…
    weirdos really…

  6. @UberT:See, at least with you, I got a not-so-straight but a polite answer nevertheless. As for the ‘committed’ thing, it did occur to me that maybe they did to ward off creeps really, but I didn’t ask them about it until I myself was sure that it really wasn’t such an attempt.
    @Pixie:Exactly, and in any case if they decided to make it public, they should have been prepared for people to ask questions.

  7. don’t let that stop u from asking…;)
    also, putting up a status as “committed” doesn’t stop weirdos with those loony franship requests. i get those despite my status being “married”!

  8. I would remove such a person from friends list… and before doing that, send a mesg saying ” I only add friends to my orkut a/c” You get what you ask for, no?

  9. @rayshma:ahh, unfortunately that is a problem indeed. 🙂
    @Born a Libran: I thought about that too, but this person means a lot to someone else, who in turn means a lot to me so i can’t really do that! 😛

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