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Friends… Forever?

We met at some coaching center about 10 years ago. She was the exact antithesis of me. Fair, attractive, bubbly. It seemed like the world was extremely amusing to her. And I was the quintessential geek, head-down, not messing around with strangers. We spoke after class. She was one of the few people there with a halfway decent interest in books. Just as me. I was fascinated by her, she was so unlike me. Perhaps that’s why we hit it off so well.

Ups and downs. We fought and made up. And fought again. Swore to be BFF (don’t judge me, I was 15!?!). Pajama parties, sleep overs. Hot chocolate at 3 in the morning and talking. Just talking.

Crying on each other’s shoulders. Wiping each other’s tears. Hugging each other before going to sleep. Calling everyday to say hi. Coming over any damn time just ‘coz one of us was bored. Laughing at each other’s silly jokes.

Tasting wine for the first time. And hating it equally bad. Smoking for the first time ever. Coughing our butts off. Hiding the cigarettes and spraying deodorants so it wouldn’t smell.

Buying books together. Watching lame movies and laughing ourselves silly. Wearing each other’s clothes. And jewelry. Shopping for each other. Shopping together. Deciding what will look good and what won’t for each other.

Falling in love. Describing it to one another. Things falling apart. Not losing our minds just because we had each other to talk to. Losing my mind just because she wasn’t here in the US with me when I desperately needed her.

Gossiping on chat. On the phone. Missing each other desperately. Telling each other that.

Thanks for everything babe. I miss you. BFF.


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