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The Bus Stop

The rain was pouring down making gigantic “plonk!” noises as it fell on the ground. He stood, bedraggled, at the bus stop waiting for the 78. He was getting more and more impatient by the minute. The bus stop wasn’t really offering much protection, you know; the bus had better get here.

His grumpiness was reaching a crescendo when he saw her. She was standing at the bus stop too. Only, the adjacent one. He realized with dismay that that meant….

She wasn’t really beautiful. Not quite your Elizabeth Taylor. But she did have the most reflective eyes he had ever seen in anyone. It looked like they would betray every single thought going through her mind. Quite literally the mirrors to her soul.

She had picked a spot on the road, and was staring at it intently. The vehicles were zooming by, splashing water all around. Yet her gaze would not budge. Oh, what he would give to know what she was thinking just then!

Lost in his thoughts, he almost missed it. The bus came to a roaring, screeching halt in front of him. Ah, crap! He hated having to leave. As he was getting aboard the bus, he glanced at her to get one final glimpse of her eyes. She looked at him just then. A sudden flash of red, glistening pearls at the corners of her eyes. Blended so well with the pouring rain.

78 pulled away.


Comments on: "The Bus Stop" (2)

  1. Some things never change…The girl at the bus stop always has a strange likeness about her…

  2. How many times have we found the person we’re looking for a few moments at a bus-stop somewhere ?

    Way too often, methinks.

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