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Work… and delay

I have my Masters thesis proposal due in less than a week. Suffice to say that I haven’t even started. Sometimes I think it’s more denial than anything else that makes one procrastinate. Denial? In writing a proposal? you ask. Let me explain.

I believe that one doesn’t start work unless they know exactly what needs to be done. So, the biggest problem in starting work is denying to themselves that they lack the knowledge/ability (as the situation might be) to do a good job. Case in point. I don’t believe I have a good enough Masters thesis proposal. Heck, I don’t even know where it’s headed. If I had a well chalked out game plan that I myself firmly believed in, things might have been different. I would know exactly where to start. I would know exactly what my reading list would contain. I would know the methods/step-by-step action plan/research time line. I would know the end.

Or maybe I’m just making excuses for being lazy.


Comments on: "Work… and delay" (5)

  1. You’re doing research, no topic ever just comes to you perfectly set up, and simple to figure out.

    I think point 2 is very valid 😛

  2. Unfortunately I can’t agree with SEV on this one. There has to be a game plan – even if its hazy hazy. And no its not more about being lazy but more about being unprepared to break the news to yourself that most probably somehing is messed up somewhere which has to be corrected.

  3. Kiran Vyakaranam said:

    If you had a well chalked out plan, you could still procrastinate – out of a confidence that you’d need much lesser time to accomplish the task than you already have at hand…
    so yeah, you are making excuses 😛

    The point is to get started no matter where you are – planning is as much a part of the task as is executing it 🙂 good luck!

  4. philosophyoflife said:

    Perhaps you have answered that what you seek….

    An important thesis – so good luck… and achieve.

  5. Galadriel said:

    @SEV: I am really not waiting for a flash of genius to hit me so I can have a well-formulated thesis in hand. Nevertheless, if I’m not convinced, how do I convince the committee? And then my future employers?
    @Duffer:Now, that hurt! Nothing’s messed up, and I do have an outline of a plan. I have a timeline and I’m following it. Hopefully, this is what will work!
    @Kiran: That’s so true, I agree. Most of it is overconfidence and I’m working on that!
    @philosophyoflife: Thanks again. 🙂

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